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Welcome to our website!
Thank you for visiting!We are a group of family and friends that like to play the game together.We are always  trying expand so if you want to join just apply here or send the following people a message on Xbox360:
TRNS Knifer
TRNS Hybrid
TRNS engineer
TRNS Entity
TRNS Sniper

Social Media Sites: ... lan

How To Join:
*MUST be 13+
*MUST have a MIC
*Must own Battlefield 4 or Call of Duty Black Ops 1-2
*MUST be willing to CHANG YOUR GamerTag 2 weeks after the day you joined TRNS

Games We Play Together:
*Call of Duty Ghosts
*Battlefield 4
*Call of Duty Black Ops 1-2
*Clash of Clans
*Payday 2
*Left 4 Dead 2

Thanks for reading all of these things and remember to check all corners.See you on the Battlefield!Hooaahh!
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